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Our Conures for sale here at Superbirds parrot store are relatively small parrots that are native to Central and South America. They are affectionate, intelligent parrots with a talent for mimicry and a flair for the dramatic. With their soft, exquisite feathers and colorful facial markings, they make fascinating pets. Conures (pronounced ko-NOORS) come in many variations of color and pattern. Their faces sport combinations of green, blue, yellow, red, and white feathers.

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Depending on these patterns and their coloring, conures can look like miniature macaws while some resemble small cockatoos. Conures make affectionate and entertaining pets. However, they can be difficult to handle and train and maybe loud and destructive. The sweet, curious conure is an intelligent bird that craves social interaction with people. Its bright color combinations make it a delightful addition to any household, but its minuscule size does not make it the best choice for families with very small children. Feed your conure a varied diet including seeds and pellets, fruits and vegetables, and nuts. Conures can be difficult to train and might not speak words, but they readily mimic sounds – the birds will learn to repeat phrases you say.