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The Cockatiel for sale is one of the most popular companion birds because of its sweet and gentle temperament. While it is often described as a quiet bird, the cockatiel can be quite talkative and has a distinctive call. These entertaining birds have a broad variety of vocalizations including whistles and screeches. Curious and feisty, if you want a bird that is sure to be the topic of conversation, consider a cockatiel. Their long tails give cockatiels their distinctive, graceful looks. Cockatiels are extraordinarily social and affectionate birds who will show their affections by preening or gently cradling you with their wings.

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While they can be affectionate, cockatiels also make great on-your-shoulder pets. With their mates, these birds can be quite loyal and will mimic individual family member’s sounds. Cockatiels are generally friendly, active birds, and will happily live in a cage all their own or interact with other birds. Discover why cockatiels are in a class by themselves with this beautiful guide. Learn about how to own and keep a cockatiel, and find out how to enjoy your time with it. With this guide you’ll discover everything from choosing, caring for, feeding, and training your animal as well as how to keep it safe, healthy, and tame. Don't miss out on buying a beautiful cockatiel online from our parrot store today      

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