Amazon Parrots For Sale

Our Amazon parrots for sale are alarge parrots species of the genus Amazona. These are some of the more popular medium-sized parrot species, which might have something to do with their gregarious personalities. These amazing breed of parrots are playful and outgoing — some even like to sing. The males of this species have a unique behavior—they might flare their tail feathers, pin their eyes, and “strut” across the floor or tabletop to show off for their potential mates.

Buy Amazon Parrots Online

Buy amazon parrots online from our bird store. They can be quite noisy at times. One of the most popular medium-sized parrot species, Amazons truly make an impression, whether they’re flirting with you or loving up all your guests. With their outstanding personalities and outgoing nature, Amazons are natural clowns that love to play! Pair with the Willow Perch for good times ahead. While they love attention, your Amazon parrot will probably not be happy in a cage with the door shut. It is best to purchase or build an amply sized cage with several perches of different diameters and textures, along with at least one good-sized play gym that permits the bird to climb, spread its wings and move about in many directions. Pairing parrots with compatible cage mates is highly recommended for large cockatoos and Amazons. Amazon parrots enjoy being around humans. Some, such as the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon, have a great deal of affection for their owners and enjoy cuddling. Others, such as the Yellow-Naped Amazon, might not be quite as demonstrative, but they still want to interact with their human friends on a daily basis.
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