Cockatoos For sale 

Our cockatoo parrots for sale are playful, intelligent, loving, and demanding bird. It will engage you in play with a toy or mirror as readily as it will assert its dominance or bond with you. It loves to be cuddled as much as it loves to scratch the heck out of your arms. Master of the feather duster, Cockatoos are intelligent and social creatures. A pet Cockatoo will want to be at your side nearly all of the time. Cockatoos are also notorious for their destructive habits. They are long-lived pets, with life spans of 10 years or even more.


Buy Cockatoos Online

Buy cockatoos online from our parrot store as they can be a very rewarding pet however, being affectionate, fun to have around, and having the intelligence to learn tricks, just like a parrot. They are really not difficult to keep but must have their feathers constantly kept in good order. The cockatoo is a popular companion for individuals with a lot of time and energy to devote to its needs. The cockatoo has a voracious appetite and its cage should be cleaned regularly. Easily the most popular of the parrots, cockatoos are playful, intelligent, fun-loving birds who are very eager to bond with their owners. They are affectionate to their human flock but need lots of interaction to be happy since they are highly social animals.  

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