Parakeet For Sale 

The parakeet for sale is a small bird with a big personality. Some people think of the parakeet as a beginner bird, but this social, intelligent little bird deserves as much care and attention as larger parrots. A budgie can rival any on the planet when it comes to talking ability. Perfect for beginning bird owners, this little bird is just as smart as his larger cousins. Known for their friendly personalities and their ability to talk, the budgie is a small, tame member of the parrot family. Its small size also makes it an ideal choice for households with children.

Budgerigars for Sale

Browse our bird store and you will find beautiful budgerigars for sale. With a life span of between five and eight years, budgies can make wonderful pets; however, it is important to match the needs of the bird with your ability and lifestyle. Budgies love attention and like to enjoy human interaction on an equal basis. Our hand-selected, hand-fed budgies are expertly cared for from the moment they hatch, ensuring their social skills and talking abilities. In this category of green cheek or budgerigar, you will find a bird that is ready to become an important part of your life. The budgie parakeet is a smaller-sized bird, and because of this misconception they are often overlooked by people who do not consider them to be ideal pets. However, most budgies love the attention they get from their owners and will talk with them for hours on end. Budgies are social birds that often will develop intense friendships with each other.