Know what our clients are saying about us

I was looking for a macaw for a long time. I had no idea about how to choose parrot. Your information was very helpful. I bought my Macaw and she is the best bird ever. She is very friendly and playful, lovable and smart. I am glad that I found you and got my parrot!

Jasper / London

I never thought I would find a better friend than my dog, but I have! My new macaw parrot is the best thing that happened to me. She is so smart and beautiful. The whole family loves her.

Hugo / Bristol

I was a bit worried about buying my African grey parrot online, but this place is very legit. I love my parrot and she has bonded with the other animals in the house too.

Andy / Ontario

My parrot is a wonderful addition to my family and she has been a great companion. She was very easy to train and is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I am glad I purchased her from you!

Jane Bit / Nike

I’m very happy with my new parrot. She’s beautiful and she’s already starting to talk to me. It was a pleasure buying from you

Kimberly / Texas

I have to say that I am very happy with my purchase from you. The little parrot was well-packaged when he arrived, and he is super healthy and beautiful! Thanks again for the great service and product,

Amanda / Maryland

My parrot is a year old now, and I’m her only owner. She has learned how to talk, and she mimics everything I say. She is beautiful, and she’s so sweet and friendly. My family loves her too!

Kathleen / New York

First of all, I just want to say thank you for bringing such a great thing into my life. My parrot is the best companion I have now. She like mimicking my words and playing with my dogs.

Diane / Florida

My sister has a parrot and she recommended me to buy one. I bought a macaw parrot from this store in February. She is really smart that she can mimic my words and play with dogs. I love her so much and I often take her with me when go out. Thanks for your helping and I will recommend you to my friends!

Walter / Indiana

This is the best parrot I ever had. She is very smart and lovable. She can mimic my voice, I can teach her some words and phrases. She can play with my dogs, but she never hurts them. This is the best gift I have ever had!

Arthur / Kentucky

I love my new Parrot! He has been a big addition to my family. She has quickly learned how to talk and loves to play with my dogs. I will definitely buy from this store again!

Kayla / Arkansas

I was very pleased with the Macaw I got. The parrot is a beautiful and very friendly bird that has a lot of fun in its cage and seems very happy. The bird arrived in excellent condition and I would definitely recommend SuperBirds Shop for anyone who is interested in getting a pet macaw!

Finn / Liverpool